The villages to visit in Italy

In Italy history has left tangible and evident signs, even today it is possible to walk through villages and castles that were the scene of great wars and famous events.

A dive into the past between the walls of medieval castles

The ladies, knights, arms and love ...

Of course there are many villages to visit in Italy, each region offers castles and ruins that recall our history and Romagna, which was the land of the Malatesta is rich in these testimonies. From the most famous to the less known, these lands are rich in castles and Renaissance and medieval villages, some of which come to us in excellent condition. Thanks to its geography and in particular to the proximity of the sea and the Apennines, these lands have been rich in settlements since the Roman age and there are many testimonies left, among which we remember the pretty village of San Leo perched in the hills of ‘inland Rimini, the Rocca Malatestiana of Rimini, the village of Gradara with its respective castle, the village of San Giovanni in Marignano and Montegridolfo.

San Giovanni in Marignano

4 km from Cattolica is San Giovanni in Marignano, one of the legacies of the Malatesta family, whose historic center still contains the walls and the elegant building. Famous is the Festival of the Witches that takes place every year in the village.


Montegridolfo is one of the best preserved villages, its urban layout is still medieval and the walls and the castle are intact; the entire historic center still seems to live in that era.


Famous for the famous party of the “Palio del Daino”, the village of Mondaino draws its origins from the Roman era and then take shape with the construction of the castle under the Malatesta, still visible, resting on a shoe wall.

The castle of Gradara
The Castle of Gradara despite being in the Marche region falls within the borders of the “historic Romagna” and is one of the major testimonies of medieval and Renaissance history of these lands. A double wall still encloses the ancient village, behind which stands the fortress that still preserves some of the rooms that can be visited today such as the dressing room of Lucrezia Borgia, the Council Room and other residential areas. The Castle hosted the most powerful families of the period such as the Malatesta, the Borgia and the Sforza and was the scene of famous events.

The story of Paolo e Francesca

The Castle of Gradara is famous above all because legend has it that it was the place where the tragic history was consummated, sung by Dante in the Divine Comedy, by the famous lovers Paolo and Francesca, who found their death here.