The immensity of the marine ecosystem in an aquarium

Anyone who loves nature or has the curiosity to discover and learn more closely the animal world and its ecosystems can not fall in love with the large aquariums, in Italy we are spoiled for choice.

Discovering the best Italian aquariums

An opportunity to spend a different day

From north to south it is possible to wander between different realities, more or less renowned, which are real splits of marine, fluvial and lake ecosystems; among the best Italian aquariums there could not be the Aquarium of Cattolica, the Aquarium of Genoa, the Aquarium of Rome, Oltremare of Riccione, the Aquarium of Naples and Messina. These theme parks are places where adults can return children and rediscover the beauty of learning new things on worlds so close to us but at the same time often unknown, and children can see up close the great creatures of the seas that they often see only on TV. There are those who take advantage of a holiday to visit these parks and those who move specifically to spend a different day; one thing is certain, everyone deserves a visit.

Blue path

Here is the history of the earth and its biological evolution; you can admire species of sharks born in prehistory and ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific and the Indian and the Red Sea.

Yellow path

Two state-of-the-art freshwater tanks that host kittens of caimans and otters in their natural habitat and actively participate in projects for the conservation of species in collaboration with other European aquariums.

Green path

Here you can immerse yourself in the world of exotic animals, including snakes, frogs, insects and chameleons and get carried away by the charm of the nature of these distant lands; young and old will be bewitched.

Purple path

Interactive exhibition totally dedicated to the protagonists of the aquarium, sharks: “Sharks: perfect predators”; here you can see and touch the representations of more than 30 sharks, from the most feared white shark to the smallest.

The aquarium of Cattolica
At Cattolica we have the largest aquarium of the entire Adriatic coast which is home to 400 different species of living creatures from both the Mediterranean and tropical seas, including 16 species of sharks, the real protagonists of the theme park. Visitors can immerse themselves with them in total safety, a unique opportunity to see these great and feared marine predators up close. Its shape is reminiscent of the naval fleets of the ’30s and houses 100 exhibition tanks that can be visited through four different paths, blue, yellow, green and purple.

Educational projects

The Aquarium of Cattolica collaborates with schools through various educational projects and direct experiences by providing winter and spring workshops with expert biologists who are in charge of in-depth thematic studies.